I Have Wonderful News!

11:38:00 AM

My oldest son was selected as a scholarship recipient for his grades and an essay he wrote. He's an A student and takes advanced math. Along with the scholarship which is renewable until he graduates the 8th grade, they pay for other opportunities for him to participate in, like summer academic enrichment programs and leadership activities. I am so proud of him!!!!!!!

I am 18 weeks today!!! The twins are doing good and moving a lot. I'm hungry most of the time. My morning sickness also came back. I took a break from the Zofran because of the fecal impactment nightmare. I was okay for a day or two, and I was just starting to think that I don't need it anymore. Boy, was I wrong! So, I'm back on it now. I'm trying to manage with just taking it once in the morning. We'll see how that goes.

My hubby's shady employers are up to no good again. The HR person emailed everyone to let them know that the shareholders had no intention of paying anyone this Friday because they took all the money out of the paychecks account. She has been trying to contact them for a while, and they have been ignoring her emails. She then reached out to the chief financial officer that had resigned two weeks ago and his last day is supposed to be this Friday, which just happens to be payday. The CFO informed her that they didn't want to pay the employees, so that's why the account is empty. So, the HR person spilled the beans because she didn't think it was right that people were still working and the company had no intentions of paying anyone. She also quit yesterday after sending the emails. 

I'm trying to just have faith and focus on the bigger picture that God must have something big in the works for us. I thought I would be more stressed and worried than I am, and I have had moments where I want to just curl up in a ball and cry. But, I have to maintain my sanity for my kids, all four of them now. I'll have to get in touch with the heir of the house and see whether she has received the death certificate or not. I pray that she has so that we can move forward with the sale. 

My hubby's interviews this week have gone well so far. He's been studying non-stop for them. He's actually doing a phone interview right now as I type this. He has a final interview for one company this Friday morning. I pray he gets this job so we don't have to go on unemployment compensation. We don't want to give the banks any reason to deny us a mortgage. This company is in the City so his commute would be easy. The other companies he interviewed with this week are far away.  We're not sure if it would be worth it to move that far for a job that's not in a big City where other opportunities are close by, in case it doesn't work out. Anyway, I just need him to ace this last interview so that we can feel somewhat stable again and focus on other big things.

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