We've Got Movement!!

10:55:00 AM

So much has been happening. The twins started kicking and moving hard enough for my hubby and kids to feel it too. That was amazing! I could already feel them moving for some time now, but my hubby couldn't feel it before. They are really active at night and love to party. My next appointment is in a few days and I can’t wait to see how they’ve been progressing. 

My hubby is interviewing with a few jobs. We had a heart to heart about his OCD and his latest project. I actually had to set him up so he could see just how bad things had gotten. He’s not a bad hubby. He just needs to balance his home life and work life and prioritize his time. As it was, he would code all day at work and then come home and code all evening well until after midnight. So, he’s promised to be more family-oriented and remember that everyday is not promised. I understand his point that he’s working hard now so that he can spend more time with the family later because he feels like he hasn’t provided enough. But, at the same time, the kids won’t stay young forever and before you know it they will be out of the house. So, you have to appreciate them everyday and spend quality time with them and that means putting down the computer and being present. He understood where I was coming from as well. So, hopefully, he follows through with his promises. 

I lost touch with the heir of the house. But, she contacted me yesterday to let me know she had ordered a death certificate. The only thing is that it’s going to take 4-5 weeks for her to receive it. The closing was supposed to happen on April 30 though. I’m not sure if we’ll get another extension and these buyers will probably try to ask for a price reduction again. I’m not willing to agree to a price reduction because 1) we need all the money we can get from this sale and 2) the home’s after-repair value is in the $350,000-$400,000 range and the rental potential is high because it’s only two blocks away from a major university. Houses in the area rent for $2500 - $3500 a month. The house only needs $100,000 in repairs and they offered $120,000. So, that’s a lot of equity for them from the very beginning. If we lose them as buyers, then it just wasn’t meant for them to be the new owners. I want the right people with the right spirit to buy the house. And they have been more than a bit shady. 

I just want everything to work out for us, and I’m leaving it in God’s hands. Maybe there’s a reason that only God knows why we haven’t been able to close yet. Maybe he has something better in store.

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