Oh The Shadiness...

10:59:00 AM

I’m feeling good today. I’m not as nauseous anymore. It comes and goes. I still gag a little when I brush my teeth and if I wait too long to eat. But, I’m doing much better. I finally updated the realtors about the death certificate situation. I decided to wait a bit because I still had a bad taste in my mouth from their shadiness before. Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it but wait and just try to clear up any issues the buyer’s title company is claiming. I have a mind to get another independent title agency involved just to see if they will require all of this. The reason being is that I’ve been receiving missed phone calls from a number I didn’t recognize. They never leave a message. Since they were calling my business line, I didn’t want to block the call, just in case it was someone that needed my services. Anyway, I decided to google the number to see if it was a robot call, telemarketer, etc. The number was for a real estate company and also a law firm. So, I thought that was odd. In checking out both businesses, I realized they were both owned by the buyer. Why would they call me directly, instead of just calling my realtors? Since they didn’t leave a message, I didn’t return the call. Then, upon further google searches, I found out that the buyer is actually affiliated with the title company. So, they could just be saying there are “issues” with the title just so they can get a lower price. That seems to be the scam from the beginning. Anyway, after a few days of these calls, I get an email from the buyer asking for a status update. But, the buyer only sends the email to me and not the realtors or title company. Um, that’s what my realtors are for. So, I ignore the email because I figure since the buyer is a realtor, she should know to contact my realtors directly for any status updates. It’s just all so messy. So, that’s why I’m thinking of getting another title company to see if they find these same “issues.” How in the world did I get involved with these people!?!

I’ve been having a tough time staying asleep at night. I can’t get comfortable and I get up 2 to 3 times to pee. It takes me forever to fall asleep and then when I do, it’s like a cat nap and I jump up a lot. Last night, I probably got three hours of sleep and that’s not consecutively. So, I’m like a zombie right now. I’ve been working on my clients’ cases though. I really want to be done with them so I can just focus on me and my family’s needs. I also feel like I need a hobby that will provide some kind of income. I haven’t sewn anything in a while. Maybe I’ll start there. Who knows? I just need to do something that won’t affect my schedule and I can do it without spending too much money upfront. I’m just tired of our situation at the moment.

Yesterday, my hubby had a meeting with the chief financial officer at his job. The CFO said that the company did not have enough money for paychecks next week. Um, WTF? What happened to the money for April? He said before he didn’t have money for May, but now April is in question. Apparently, the shareholders aren’t coughing up the moolah. Like, you can’t have people working for free. And what about the merger money? Also, my hubby’s bonus was MIA. He was supposed to receive it last month, but that hasn’t happened yet. So, when he mentioned it, the CFO said he would make sure everyone was aware of this, but he cautioned that they may try to say he has to choose between the paycheck and the bonus but he may not get both. WTF? He earned both! This is just all so crazy! I’m trying not to get overwhelmed and panic. But, I’m a little pissed too because I’ve been telling my hubby about this company from the time they incorporated and how much they’ve changed. His OCD had him working crazy for them to build this company. Originally, it was a startup and everything was transparent. Now, that they’re a corporation, there’s so much secrecy. Like, if you’re closing a business or laying your employees off, just let them know. I told my hubby that he needs to start asking questions and stop treating these people like “friends” because it’s obvious to me that he’s on the outside and only certain people know what’s going on. 

To be honest, my hubby is doing most of the work for this company now. There used to be like 15 – 20 people working with my hubby on tech projects for the company. Many of them were laid off or just left because of how the company was being run. Now, it’s just him and some other guy that they previously fired but rehired recently because my hubby said he wouldn’t be able to do everything by himself. But, this guy is not on the same level tech-wise as my hubby so my hubby just ends up helping the guy or just doing everything by himself. Recently, my hubby was asked to take inventory of all the tech equipment because they wanted to know what they had if they needed to sell them. So, they said he needed to get it done asap. So, he asked whether they were closing the office or what was going on. They replied that they just wanted the inventory done just in case someone wanted to buy the items, but the office wasn't closing. Huh? 

On top of that, the CEO has been MIA. My hubby was invited to a weird meeting last week with the CEO and his co-worker, who is the same one that asked for my hubby’s help on the side project. Well, the CEO had an “assignment” for my hubby to do. I don’t know all the tech terms, but basically he wanted my hubby to rebrand the current site into a domain that the CEO had already purchased. Apparently, the CEO had approached the shareholders to sell the current site to some Japanese company and the shareholders ignored him. So, basically, he’s trying to steal the site and all its data from them. It was revealed that my hubby’s co-worker and his girlfriend were previously approached about this by the CEO. The co-worker does not have my hubby’s skills so the co-worker suggested that the CEO also try to include my hubby in his little fraudulent escapade. WTF?!?!? All the tech people had to sign a non-compete confidentiality agreement to work here. So, this is in direct violation of those agreements. Plus, it’s theft! 

During the meeting, my hubby pretended he was unclear on what the CEO wanted done. Remember, this is his boss that’s giving him an “assignment.” The CEO must have sensed my hubby’s hesitation so he told him to talk with the coworker and get back to him with what “the plan” is going to be. As soon as my hubby left the CEO’s office, my hubby told the co-worker "hell-to-the-f*ing-no!" The co-worker then went on to explain that the CEO was going to start his own company with the stolen data, but just “rebrand” it and he wanted the co-worker and his girlfriend on board. So, basically, that explains why the co-worker was so ready to quit. I can’t even believe that these people are considering this. But, my hubby said he wanted no part of it whatsoever. So, the co-worker went back to the CEO and told him that my hubby would not be on board. The CEO later saw my hubby and offered him a handshake saying there were no hard feelings ad he respected his decision. 

But, later that evening, the CEO personally called my hubby’s cell phone. He said that they wanted to get rid of the other coworker that they fired and rehired recently to help my hubby out and that this would be that coworker’s last month. So, my hubby asked if the coworker was already told this. And the CEO actually asked my hubby whether he should tell the coworker. So, my hubby was like yes, because that’s less than two weeks away and there’s no reason to keep this a secret. My hubby said he was confused because he wasn’t sure why the CEO would be calling him to tell him this. He then told my hubby he had spoken with the new owners from the merger (a UK/Italian company) and that the plan was to have my hubby stay on until June and work for them doing some tech stuff to wrap up the old company. But, then he said "but nothing’s written in stone." It was just a plan at that point and he was just relaying the info. To me, it seemed like the CEO was trying to still get my hubby on board with his fraudulent activities and was using this information as some sort of "carrot-before-the donkey" strategy. Like if my hubby jumps on board, he can collect a paycheck for another two months. But, if he doesn't, he’ll also be out at the end of April. He didn’t say as much but the inference was definitely there. Anyway, my hubby is still sticking to his guns and morals. Now, I don’t know if there is any link between the CEO and the sudden lack of money for the paychecks next week. The CEO hasn't shown up to the office since that weird meeting. But, we shall see what happens. Either way, I told my hubby to trust no one and to keep his eyes open. 

I’m also side-eyeing the co-worker that my hubby has partnered with for the side project. He pretty much knows it’s illegal, but he was willing to go along with it. Thankfully, my hubby has some sense. But, I told my hubby that he needs to make sure that they get some contracts in the works for this side project because I don’t trust this co-worker. Let’s say the side project starts making money or that they receive an offer on it, there’s no contract that says who gets how much money, etc. Not everybody who smiles in your face is your friend. You can’t just blindly trust people like that. It’s clear to me this dude and his girlfriend have no morals anyway. His girlfriend was recently married to another co-worker at the same damn job. Yes, where they all work now. They suddenly got a divorce, and in no time, she started dating my hubby’s partner and bought a house with him. So, the odds are they were cheating behind the hubby’s back, and he found out and filed for a divorce. The hubby no longer works there because of it. So, yeah, they both get a side-eye from me. Sigh.

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