My Uterus Is Their Trampoline

10:42:00 AM

The zofran doesn't get rid of the nausea all the way, but it has stopped the constant throwing up. As long as I don't have a completely empty belly, I feel ok. But, if I wait too long to eat, my saliva starts increasing and I have to spit because it's too much to swallow. Anyway, I had another prenatal visit today. It went well. The twins were bouncing up and down like they were on a trampoline. They were getting a lot of height too. I've never seen that before with my older boys. I was a bit shocked, but the doctor said it's normal and they flip flop all the time. Twin B was break dancing and spinning around. One second his/her head would be at the left of the screen and then the next second he/she would be facing the right side of the screen. It was pretty cool to watch. I caught some of it on video because my hubby stayed home with the boys today. They had the day off from school and I didn't want to drag them to the GYN office with me. I didn't know they were going to do another ultrasound though. I wish they could have come. But, I'll definitely take them to the 20 week ultrasound where we'll find out what we're having. I'm so excited! The OB thinks one of the twins may be a boy!!!

As for the house, I got another extension without agreeing to a price reduction. The whole situation was just so shady. The only reason I can think of that the realtors wanted me to agree to that deal is that they are buying the house for themselves and trying to get a better deal. They claimed that they only represent me and that the buyer (who happens to be a realtor they know with an investment group) asked them to represent them as well, but they declined. I believe they've been making promises to their friends that they can get me to agree to BS and then when I don't they try to “scare” me into thinking the house won't sell. Um, have they forgotten what I do for a living? I'm not going to fall for these old-school negotiation tactics. Either play fair, or we don't play at all.

Tomorrow I meet with a new client. It should be an easy and quick case. My goal is to be finished with it before delivery.

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