Who Do You Represent?

10:31:00 AM

I'm still nauseous, but I only throw up bile first thing in the morning. Then, I spit uncontrollably until my zofran kicks in. That seems to be the routine for me now. I am so looking forward to when this phase goes by. Anyway, I did get in touch with the heir and she agreed to become the administrator and sign the documents. L&I still hasn't processed my application. The buyer tried to lowball me yesterday because we had to ask for an extension. L&I is seriously backed up and they have like 88,000 applications to process. So, there's no telling when my application will be processed. I told the realtors I would make time to go to L&I and see how I can get this resolved, if there is any way possible. I also told them that the heir was in NY until Thursday and we would deal with the administrator issues once she returns. 

Well, for whatever reason, it seemed almost like the realtors weren't really reading my emails because they started asking me for updates that I had already provided in detail in my emails. Then, when I forwarded the emails because I thought they hadn't received them, they said they did receive the emails, but they were just checking if I had an update. Um, 24 hours had not even passed from the time I sent my email and when they sent their email. So, that seemed kind of weird to me. It's like they were pressuring me to do the impossible, but they knew what the situation was since they were the ones who spoke directly to L&I and actually informed me about L&I being behind in processing applications. So, since they know this is out of my hands, how would I be able to provide any update? It was just weird to me and their tone was very different, like they were concerned about the buyer. 

Anyway, the buyer sends an email requesting an update from the title company and the realtors. I was cc'd on this email. The realtors reply that the administration will be taken care of and that L&I was behind in processing applications so we need more time, perhaps 2 – 3 weeks. I was again cc'd on this email. Apparently, the buyer replies that they will agree to 4-5 weeks but only if the price of the house is reduced $10,000 because they wanted to renovate the house and list it in the Spring and the closing dates had already been extended. (WTF?) The buyer does not include me in the cc for this email, even though they did when they asked for the update. My realtors cut and paste the buyer's reply in an email they sent to me. So, who knows what else they said or what was discussed. Anyway, in this email, the realtors go on to ask whether I want comps or a market analysis again and basically it's like they're siding with the buyer. Um, who do you represent again?

So, I reply that I'm not selling the house for that price and if the buyer decides to walk, I will continue working on the administration and L&I issues and then re-list the house. The buyer knows they are already getting a good deal for the area where the house is located. That's all I said in the email. My reasoning was that I already dropped $30K, now they want it to be $40K lower than the listing price!?!? And on top of that, the first extension wasn't my fault because the title company hadn't even been in touch with the realtors. Secondly, I have no control over L&I, so if the application still isn't processed in 4-5 weeks, is the same buyer going to request another $10K penalty? It's just a slippery slope and I'm not willing to play those games. Spring just started so there would still be plenty of time for them to renovate and list the house. I doubt they would have been able to do so in the last three weeks, as renovations take time and the house is a complete shell. So, their “justification” for the penalty is odd.

To my shock and disgust, I get a reply from my realtors basically taking the side of the buyer and saying they were “fairly confident” that the house won't sell for more than what the buyer was offering if I re-list it and how they won't re-list it until after the administration and L&I issues are dealt with. It was a very rude and negative email considering the fact that I said I would take care of the issues and then re-list it. They remarked how I was getting a deal as well (Um, I'm getting $30K less than what it is listed for) and not just the buyer. So, I replied asking them what their relationship with this buyer was and whether they represented them as well. I explained that it seemed they were more concerned about the buyer's interest in the house than my own interest. I also said that I could only hope that realtors representing me would remain positive that the house will sell for what this buyer offered or more. Plus, the house had only been on the market two days before the showings and offers started coming in. We only accepted this offer because it was cash and they had a date for a reply. But, even after I accepted the offer, there were many more people requesting showings. Just two days ago, the realtors sent me an email stating that they had to take the sign down from in front of the house because too many people were calling them for showings and asking whether they could put an offer in if the current deal doesn't work out. So, it's not like there would be no interest if I re-listed the house.

Instead of answering my question about whether they represent the buyer or not, one realtor emails me back stating that they wanted to talk to me "over the phone in detail" and whether I was available. What is it that you want to say to me over the phone that you can't put in writing? It's a rather simple question that only requires a yes or no answer. I haven't replied yet because I feel offended. To say I'm overwhelmed, annoyed, and frustrated is an understatement. Anyway, they haven't given me a response from the buyer yet. If they walk, it just wasn't meant for them to buy the house. I'm leaving everything to God. I read a devotion today that said that when you suffer, it's because God has a purpose in what He allows to happen. He uses these trials to change our lives and we can know Him in a better and newer way. So, I know God is working in this situation and I'm just going to try to relax and just trust that everything will work out how it's supposed to work out. God's willing.

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