Well, That Explains Why You're So Sick...

10:31:00 AM

I have been so sick with morning sickness and dizziness. I lost four pounds due to all of the vomiting. I can't keep anything down and I have a weird metallic taste in my mouth that makes everything, especially water, taste terrible. I saw my OB yesterday. I got a prescription for zofran and so far so good. The metal taste in my mouth is subsiding, and I haven't thrown up since I started taking it. Well, I had some dry heaves this morning when I first woke up and I couldn't stop spitting. But, I took it at breakfast and I do notice a difference.

But, I have amazing news! We did an ultrasound yesterday and as soon as the doctor put the wand on my stomach, he says, “that explains why you're so sick, there's more than one baby in here!” My hubby and I were both shocked and took a minute to process what the doctor really said. My husband kept asking if he was sure and I just kept saying “Ho-ly!” We're feeling beyond grateful and blessed. Twins!

I'm still trying to adjust to the idea that there are two babies in me. I'm so happy! The doctor said that I'll have to start taking it a little slower around 6 months because it'll be almost like carrying a full term baby by that time. He said that when I get better from the nausea and dizziness I can start working out again but just avoid anything that will strain the stomach, like crunches and planks.

I called the heir to the house and left a message hoping that they'll become the administrator and sign the documents. We have a lot riding on the sale of this house. We definitely have to move and buy a house this summer. There's so much to plan! I put everything in God's hands though so I don't get overwhelmed. My hubby is a bit more anxious, but I told him to just pray that everything works out for us.

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