Jesus, Fix It!

10:25:00 AM

So much is going on with the sale of the house. Jesus, fix it, please! The city made a mistake and put the house up for sheriff sale, even though I've always paid the real estate taxes. It's so crazy! Like, how did this even happen!?! And the city won't admit their mistake or even apologize for it. They haven't pressed forward with the lawsuit, but they haven't withdrawn it yet either. Like, what!?! The closing date, of course, got pushed back to March 27 to give me time to resolve this. Then, on top of that, L&I says that I needed to renew my vacancy permit before they would give the certification for the sale. So, I renewed it in February and they still haven't processed my application. Then, the title agency sends me an email saying that the underwriter won't sign off on the deed because one of the deceased previous owners had children and they need to sign off on it, but they can't locate them. They were able to contact one heir and they want me to convince her to open the estate and sign off on the deed. Of course, at my expense. This is just crazy! My morning sickness has gotten severely worse so having to deal with all these issues are overwhelming. All I wanted to do was sell my house and pay off some debts. Plus, now that we have a baby on the way, we need to move and buy our own house. So, we were relying on that money from the sale of my investment property.

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