Morning Sickness is Here

3:05:00 PM

I started feeling very nauseous a few days ago and then two days ago I started throwing up. I am not a fan of throwing up at all. I throw up occasionally because of my ulcerative colitis and when I was flaring I was vomiting a lot then too. But this is different because the nausea is lasting all day and night and then it's a struggle to keep down the food I eat. It's a catch twenty-two because when I don't eat I actually feel worse and will vomit bile. But, when I'm eating, my stomach settles a bit, but then I throw up after. I'm trying not to let it get to me because I know it's only the beginning. Yesterday, I managed to get out the house to go to church and then the market. We didn't want to go to the market, but there was nothing in the house. There was a snowstorm on the day I was going to go last week. And then on Friday, the temperature was in the negatives and they closed the schools. So, I didn't go then or do laundry. Plus, I was laying in bed all day Friday throwing up in a barf bag by the side of my bed. My hubby works from home on Fridays so I was very grateful for his help with the kids. Today, he went to do laundry for me again at the laundromat.
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It's about 2:00PM right now. I woke up about 8:00 this morning and I've thrown up four times so far. I feel a bit overwhelmed by it. I have a client's case that I'm focusing on too at the moment. So, I'll be working on that today. I've also been trying to research morning sickness bands that I haven't tried before. I've done most of them with my last two pregnancies but nothing helped.

The closing is supposed to take place this week. I'm so excited. I hope everything goes smoothly. I tried to contact the City's law department about the real estate taxes but I've been given the run around about who's responsible for making the adjustment. I'm sure if I owed them money though they would be on top of everything. But, the fact that they actually owe me money doesn't bother them one bit. Anyway, I hope it gets resolved soon.

We have so many plans to make in the next few months, in terms of which loans to pay off first, when we're taking the kids to Disney, how we're going to tell them about their new sibling, where are we going to move, are we going to buy a house or rent, etc. We both would prefer to buy a house. One of my neighbors had to call the police because packages were being stolen again. Apparently, one of the convicts that moved out before was coming back and going through our mail. I was missing a bill or two last month but I didn't think anything of it. It sucks. But, really, my landlord is to blame because he brought these criminals into this neighborhood. Another one of my neighbors asked him to make some repairs to their apartment, which had quite a few L&I violations. Instead of making the repairs, my landlord tried to get him evicted. Like, that's so crazy! Anyway, the tenant went to L&I about the violations and they inspected and the tenant was correct. But, it's bittersweet because now that there are L&I violations that need to be fixed, he can't evict the smoker who is still lighting up. My landlord has no idea that I know so he continues to lie to me that he has his attorney handling the eviction. It's a mess and I just want my family to be somewhere stress-free and stable.

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